We have a wildly diverse client list.

From steel manufacturers to dairy farmers, and everything in between, we’ve helped a multitude of clients over the years.

Here are examples of how we provide a custom solution for each of our clients:


The Oregonian Re-Design Research

We conducted focus group research among Oregonian readers to test a series of proposed changes to the daily newspaper.  Based on the results of this research, The Oregonian made sweeping changes to the paper including reducing the web-size of the paper, eliminating some features, adding new features and adopting a new typeface.



Steelscape Customer Satisfaction Research

Working in partnership with Landrey and Company, a Portland-based public relations firm, we conducted focus groups among Steelscape’s key customers in order to explore issues related to customer satisfaction. Focus groups were conducted again in the following two years to assess customer reaction to the changes Steelscape made in response to the findings of the first round of research. Customer satisfaction increased dramatically over the three-year period.


Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai Product Research

Oregon Chai commissioned Research by Design to conduct a qualitative consumer assessment of its selection of reformulated chai tea lattes, and to test reactions to potential product names and packaging. The research objective was to inform marketing and messaging strategies to extend the consumption patterns of Oregon Chai users. Re-designed products were introduced to the market the following year.



TriMet Brand Identity Research

We conducted a series of focus groups to aid the agency’s effort to update its brand image. We tested prototypes of new logos, bus designs, ticket vending machines, uniforms, and stationery to determine optimum design. The agency’s new brand identity was introduced to the public the following year.


Dairy Farmers of Oregon

Oregon Dairy Products Commission Opinion Research

We conducted focus group research among dairy consumers to explore attitudes towards dairy products, Oregon dairy farmers and dairy industry advertising campaigns. Results were used to aid in the design of a questionnaire for a statewide survey. Results of the research were used to help shape a new communications plan for the Oregon dairy industry.



ESPN New Product Development Research

Again working in partnership with Landrey and Company, we conducted focus groups in several US markets to explore reactions to a new line of ESPN licensed product. Results were used to shape branding, positioning and design of a new licensed product line launched by ESPN the following year.